For Companies Seeking Money

We like to be considered a financial partner who has a tremendous network to help your company, no matter how large or small, grow in a constructive way. We like to back entrepreneurs and company executives who value the hard work and effort it took us and our clients to make the money that we are investing with you.   

We operate with an open mind and have invested in multiple industries and at varying levels of a company’s maturity. These have ranged from a science project to large scale buyouts. We are fortunate to get lots of flow, so we increasingly look for opportunities where we can invest a minimum of $10million into an individual opportunity.   

Health Care and Biotech- As our client demand for health care and bio tech investments has increased, we launched Syno Capital along with our Chief Science Officer, Justin Xiang, Phd.



We are very open to including the appropriate fellow investors, family offices and groups that have a similar mindset in their investing. We welcome your reaching out to us and sharing your interests and potential needs. Many of our deals also come from our family office friends and partners.